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BF-532|walkie talkie| nalog Two-way Radio|two way radio
BF-532|walkie talkie| nalog Two-way Radio|two way radio
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BF-532|walkie talkie| nalog Two-way Radio|two way radio

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BF-532 is a professional FM two-way radio with switchable transmitting power, selectable squelch levels, programmable bandwidth, and other advanced analog features. It is designed to deliver more safety and efficiency into your work and life. Its application ranges across many fields of work, such as restaurants, warehouses, outdoor activities, etc.

Features & Benefits

* Modes Switchable

There are four display modes to choose from, including Frequency Mode, Signal Mode, Signal+ Frequency Mode, and Signal+ Name Mode.


* Monitor

This function enables you to monitor all the communications on the same channel.


* Scan

This function enables you to listen all the communications on all the channels. You can easily find out what's going on across different channels.


* H/L Power Switchable

You can switch between 5W high and 1W low transmitting power. 


* Backlight

This function enables the user to read the screen even in a dark environment.


* Prompt Tone

This function helps to make sure that the user is pressing the button he wants to press. The user doesn’t have to look attentively at the screen for fear of mis-operation. Thus he is free to focus on the mission.


* Contacts

This radio supports up to 128 contacts.


* Communication Logs

The user can access the last ten communications log of the radio.


* Local Alarm

You can control the alarm sounds by this switch


* Transmitting Beep

If the user activates this function, a beep will go off either before or after each transmission, depending on how the user sets it.


* Built-in Flashlight


The built-in flashlight helps to bring darkness to its knees, enabling the user to operate in a dark environment.  

* LCD Screen Contrast

The contrast of the LCD display screen is adjustable from 1 to 5 degrees. The default degree is 3.


* ANI Code

This function enables the user to edit the ANI code of his radio.


* Speed Dial

With this function the user can directly use the numeric keyboard call the use, which is a lot more efficient. 

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester