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BF-5111UV|walkie talkie|  Dual Band Analog Radio|two way radio
BF-5111UV|walkie talkie|  Dual Band Analog Radio|two way radio
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BF-5111UV|walkie talkie| Dual Band Analog Radio|two way radio

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IP54 certified BF-5111UV is a multi-functional PMR radio capable of providing quality voice communication in a fashionable outfit. Besides conventional features such as Reverse Frequency, Switchable Power, Local Alarm, BF-5111UV is capable of cross band operation. This is an ideal radio for outdoor users.

Features & Benefits

* Mode Switch

There are four display modes for the user to choose, including Frequency Mode, Signal Mode, Signal+Frequency Mode and Signal+Name Mode.


* Channel Scan

Channel scan helps you listen to communication activities on other channels by continually scanning channels for activities. Achievable functions include add/delete preset channels.


* High /Low Power Switchable

The user can choose to operate with high or low transmitting power according to the specific situation.


* Wide/Narrow Bands Switchable

This function enables the user to set the bandwidth for 25KHz wide bandwidth or 12.5KHz narrow bandwidth.  “W” displayed means wide bandwidth, and “N” means narrow bandwidth.


* Reverse Frequency

With this function the user can reverse the transmitter frequency and receiver frequency. The user can also reverse the transmitter CTCSS and receiver CTCSS. The screen will display “R” when this function is activated.


* 9 Squelch Levels Selectable

It helps to minimize interferences from unwanted weak signals and gives you a better audio experience.



With a paired microphone, the user can activate the transmitting through voice only and no longer needs to press the PTT button.


* Time-out Timer (TOT)

By limiting each transmission time, Time-out Timer prevents channels from being occupied too long time and thus improves channel efficiency.


* Local Alarm

If “Local Emergency Alarm” is enabled, an alarm tone will go off. Through the programming software, the user can set button 1 or 2 with “Alarm”, and press the preset button to set off the alarm.

* Backlight

This function helps the user to read the screen with more ease.


* Lighting/ Flashlight 

The built-in flashlight drives darkness away when the user is operating in a dark environment. 



This can effectively prevent interferences from other conversations at the same frequency. 


* Energy Saving

Your radio operation time can be further extended with battery save function.  BF-511UV automatically goes into battery save mode when there are no communication activities.


* Busy Channel Lockout (BCL) 

This keeps the channel free from interferences.



Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester