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BF-OG200|walkie talkie|  Mini Analog Portable Two-way Radio|
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BF-OG200|walkie talkie| Mini Analog Portable Two-way Radio|

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BelFone BF-OG200 is a cost effective license-free two-way radio with a rich features kit, which includes built-in torchlight, FM radio, Timer and Countdown, Scan, Monitor, VOX, etc. The Talk Button is a spare PTT button to bring the user further convenience. Moreover, BF-OG200 is on standby for two channels. The integrated fast grouping feature allows users at different frequencies and with different CCTSS to switch onto the same channel and start talking. This license-free radio is designed to bring optimal user experience.

Features & Benefits

* Built-in Antenna

The built-in antenna design made Mini100 very easy to carry.




The user can initiate transmission with his voice, instead of pressing the PTT button. This function helps to liberate your hands so that you can focus better on your missions. The feature can be activated only with a paired BelFone earpiece.


* Abundant Features


  - Two PPT Buttons

  - SOS

  - FM Radio

  - Countdown Timer

  - Stopwatch

* Fast Team Building

This function makes it very easy to set up the group with the channel and its CTCSS, saving the trouble of looking into the operation manual.


* Dual Channel Monitoring

BF-OG200 monitors the main and standby channels at the same time, which can enlarge the communication capacity and improve the efficiency. 


* Compass

The compass is installed at the back of belt clip, which can help to show the direction. 


* Strong D-Shape Fastening

This design makes it very suitable for outdoor activities so that you can hook it up on your back firmly through the D-Shape Fastening.


* Monitor

When the signal is weak, the user can activate this feature which will enable BF-Mini100 to pick to the weakest signals on the current channel.


* Scan

When the user activates this feature, BF-Mini100 will scan all the pre-defined channels on the radio and the user can easily access any channel.


* Low Battery Alert

When the battery gets too low, the LED light on the top of the radio will flash red and the user should start recharging his radio.



This can effectively prevent interferences from other conversations at the same frequency. 


* Built-in Torchlight

The built-in torchlight is designed to bring more convenience to the user when the user is working in a dark environment.


Frequency Range
Licenses Free/UHF
Battery Capacity
90g(including the battery pack)
Output Power
Battery Type
Working Temperature
Input Parameter
Only 5V/1A
Rated Voltage
Charge Interface
Micro USB
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester